New England History Week

The New England region has a rich, diverse and fascinating history that captivates the imagination of people from near and far. To promote this history, the University of New England is working with local communities to coordinate and promote New England History Week from 11-17 August, 2014. This is an exciting opportunity to draw state and national attention to the region, to promote tourism to the region, and to encourage valuable public engagement with the region’s history.

We invite and encourage individuals, educational institutions, businesses, organisations and groups from across New England communities to consider organising a historically-themed activity during this week. For example:

  • Schools may like to host public tours of historical school buildings, or host student presentations on historical topics;
  • Individuals may like to organise public tours of their historical homes and gardens, or public workshops/displays based around historical themes.
  • Organisations and groups may like to host public displays, exhibits or run workshops around a historical aspect of their activities.
  • Businesses may like to focus on historically-themed items for sale;

Information on activities can be provided to the New England History Week committee which will assist in collectively marketing and promoting these activities.

New England History Week has been timed to coincide with the centenary of the First World War, and activities will focus around two key events: a ‘Regional Australia at War’ public conference on 14-15 August, and a public exhibit on ‘The Australian Red Cross and the Booloominbah Convalescent Home’, to be hosted at Booloominbah homestead and launched on 13 August, 2014. These are designed as public events and we encourage the involvement of local communities. In particular, the second day of the conference, 15 August, 2014, has been set aside to focus on the history of the New England region during wartime (with a particular focus on the First World War).

For more information on New England History Week please contact  Dr. Nathan Wise. P. 02 6773 2810 or