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12th/16th Hunter River Lancers Monday 11th August 2014 Corner of Allingham and Mann Street, Armidale

During History Week, 12/16 Hunter River Lancers History Room will act as host to military exhibits at the historical Gaza Training Depot in Armidale.

The History Room is situated in the drill hall, on the grounds of GAZA Training Depot, the home of ‘A’ Squadron 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers. GAZA Training Depot has been used for military purposes since 1906 and the building is now heritage listed. The original horse tie rails still remain adjacent to the fence.

THE COLLECTION INCLUDES such things as: souvenirs and memorabilia; uniforms and articles of military dress; horse equipment (saddles, bridles etc.); medals and decorations; trophies; military instruments and equipment; personal diaries, documents, letters and post cards; regimental and patriotic crockery from the local community.

The History Room will be open each day from 9.30am to 3.30pm from 11-17 August 2014 and admission is free.

Contact: Doug Lennox OAM

The Impact of War on Armidale Monday 11th August 2014 Armidale Folk Museum

An exhibition of photographs and memorabilia depicting some of the impacts on the families and community of Armidale. Families had to cope with the decisions of their menfolk to enlist and the loss of their presence in the workforce when they did so while the community rallied to assist the War Effort and to help each other in many ways.

Thelma McCarthy will open the launch on Monday, 11 August 2014, at 5.30pm. This is a joint Armidale and District Historical Society Inc and Armidale Family History Group Inc initiative.

This exhibition will be open for the duration of New England History Week (11-14 August 2014) from 1.00pm - 4.00pm and can be seen in the Armidale Folk Museum.

Contact: Judy Grieve

NEGS Archives (Jean Newall centre) Monday 11th August 2014 New England Girls School, Armidale

The New England Girls School historical archives will be open Monday 11 August, Wednesday 13 August and Friday 15 August during New England History Week 9am-3pm. Contact the school front office on +61 2 6774 8700.

World War 1 Heritage bus tour Monday 11th August 2014 Armidale, Visitor Information Centre

A World War One Heritage Bus Tour will be conducted Monday 11 August, Wednesday 13 August and Friday 15 August throughout New England History Week from 1.30-3:0pm, leaving from the Visitor Information Centre, Armidale. Contact the VIC for more information.

Contact: Judy Grieve

Arts in the Pub Tuesday 12th August 2014 White Bull Hotel, Armidale

For a fun, informative evening make your way to the White Bull Hotel. Free entry - just turn up!

Richard Scully, ‘A Cartoon Classic' - James Gillray's Attitude towards Nelson and Lady Hamilton, 1801’.

Andrew Piper, ‘Sammy Cox — Wild White Man, the 2nd Earl of St Vincent and the first Tasmanian White Blackfellow?: a cautionary tale concerning the acceptance of untested folklore’.

Contact: Dr Nathan Wise

In War, Charity Wednesday 13th August 2014 Booloominbah Homestead, UNE

A public exhibition on The Australian Red Cross and the Booloominbah Convalescent Home will be launched on 13 August, 2014 coinciding to the day with the centenary of the launch of the Australian Red Cross (on 13 August, 1914). The Booloominbah homestead, now housing the UNE secretariat and executive staff, served as a convalescent home for over 500 wounded and returned soldiers during the First World War. During the course of this event, Booloominbah will exhibit a collection of historical items and narratives that document the history of the homestead during its time as a convalescent home. the exhibition will run until 17 October 2014.

Contact: Mr William Oates, University of New England Archivist

New England Schools Remember Wednesday 13th August 2014 Central Park, Armidale

New England Schools Remember is a commemorative service that will bring together the primary and secondary school students of the New England region to commemorate the Anzac Centenary.

The date was chosen for its significance: recruiting began in Australia only a few days before, and the 13th saw the establishment of the Red Cross in Australia. School children often contributed to the war effort through participating in Red Cross activities such as fundraising.

Schools Remember will feature student key note speakers, and every school will have the opportunity to select representatives to lay a wreath. The Frontline team aims to encourage student ownership of the service to foster the continuation of the Anzac legacy.

Contact: Frontline New England

“Walcha in the Great War, 1914-1919” Thursday 14th August 2014 University of New England

The formal launch of “Walcha in the Great War, 1914-1919”, by Associate Professor John McQuilton. The launch will commence at 10:30am with morning tea to follow, in the Arts Building, University of New England.

Contact: Dr Nathan Wise

Russel Ward Annual Lecture Thursday 14th August 2014 A1 Lecture Theatre, Arts Building, University of New England

The Russel Ward Annual Lecture honours the memory and legacy of one of the University's most renowned scholars, Emeritus Professor Russel Braddock Ward. Professor Ward taught at UNE from 1957, and was Deputy Chancellor of UNE from 1981-1989. Ward himself delivered the inaugural lecture in 1986. Formerly sponsored by the UNE Union, the Lecture is now maintained by the School of Humanities.

The speaker for 2014 is Professor Bruce Scates of Monash University. Professor Scates is the author of Return to Gallipoli: Walking the Battlefields of the Great War, (Cambridge 2006), A Place to Remember: A History of the Shrine of Remembrance (Cambridge 2009) and the lead author of Anzac Journeys: Returning to the Battlefields of World War Two (Cambridge 2013). He also leads an international project charting the history of Anzac Day and his next book, The Last Battle (co authored with Melanie Oppenheimer) will examine the history of Anzac Day

The 2014 Lecture is titled ‘'The Last Battle: Broken Men and Soldier Settlement in Australia'’.

ABSTRACT: In the lead up to the Centenary of Anzac, new sources offer new perspectives to historians. 'Project Albany' is an initiative of the National Archives of Australia. It will involve the digitisation of tens of thousands of repatriation files, charting what happened to the diggers who came home. What became of the casualties of war: the gassed, the blind, the crippled, the insane? Who cared for them? How did they cope with the trauma of war? And did Australian servicemen and women return to the 'Land Fit for Heroes' they were promised? Thousands of Australians, young and old, have consulted War Service Dossiers on the National Archives Website but this new resource will enable families to chart the life of a relative through the post war period – and to see his battle didn't end when the guns stopped firing.

Contact: Dr David Roberts

Historical Tour and Lunch Friday 15th August 2014 University of New England

As part of the Regional Australia at War Conference, and to conclude the week, a historical bus tour and lunch is planned. The tour will include visits to the Hunter River Lancers Museum, the Armidale Folk Museum, the NEGS historical archives, and Saumarez Homestead. The tour will conclude at Saumarez Homestead with lunch, where visitors will also be able to enjoy a photo display of the homestead’s wartime history. The cost of the tour is $35 and will take place between 10:30am and 3:30pm on Friday 15th August.

To register for the Regional Australia at War Conference (free of charge), the Conference Dinner ($40), or the Historical Tour and Lunch ($35), please go to:

Please register by 31 July.

Contact: Dr Nathan Wise


Kurrajong March Re-enactment Sunday 10th January 2016 Inverell

In January 1916, Inverell hosted an extremely successful recruitment march through the town, The Kurrajong March, attracting 114 enlistees to go off on the adventure of WWI in order to serve King and Country. The men boarded a train that travelled to Delungra, Warialda Rail, Moree and Narrabri attracting more recruits along the way. These men then encamped at Armidale Showground, joining many other men to form the beginnings of the 33rd Battalion. A committee has been formed in Inverell to re-enact the march and to honour the commitment of Inverell and district to the War Effort. It is proposed to hold Kurrajong Week in January 2016, and it is anticipated that the whole town and district will be involved in this commemoration.

Contact: Frontline New England


Australian Red Cross Centenary Ceremony Monday 11th August 2014 Alma Park

The Uralla branch of the Australian Red Cross will plant 5 Centenary roses in Alma Park on Monday, 11th August. The ceremony will start at 10.00am and will be followed by morning tea at the Bowling Club (across the road). Arnold Goode, a local historian, will plant the last rose. All welcome!

Contact: Erica Barwell


Book launch ‘Walcha in The Great War, 1914-1919’ Saturday 09th August 2014 Ex-Services Memorial Club, Walcha

The Walcha & District Historical Society Inc invites you to attend the launching by the Walcha Mayor, the Hon Janelle Archdale, of the book, Walcha in the Great War 1914-1919, on Saturday 9 August 2014, at the Walcha Ex-Services Memorial Club at 12 noon. Finger Food to follow. Cost $10. Please buy your own drinks. RSVP Saturday 26 July 2014, Kate Hoy,Phone 67771323 or 0457 693 035

The book reflects a vast amount of research and networking and contains half-page entries on the backgrounds and war experiences of some 480 men and women from Walcha district. These men and women not only had wider regional and beyond links but many of them relocated to other parts of New England subsequent to the World War 1.

Contact: Walcha and District Historical Society