UNE and the New England region remember together.

In memory of Australian experiences during the First World War, both on the front and for those left at home, the University of New England is playing a lead role in commemorating regional experiences during the war.

This significant historical occasion is a major community engagement opportunity for the University, with schools, councils, community groups and local representatives from all over the region taking part. Already great enthusiasm has been shown from all participants, and the collaborative effort is testament to a mutual desire to educate our community and remember our past.

UNE is leading the coordination of a series of local activities to take place throughout the New England region.

Upcoming events include:

* The First World War Commemorative Rugby Match: WWI Commemorative Rugby Match flyer

* Anzac Commemoration Ball: ANZAC COMMEMORATION BALL

The University of New England will be coordinating community activities through the new Frontline New England website, Facebook page and regular community information gatherings.

For further information please contact the UNE External Relations team on or 02 6772 2742.